Monday, October 15, 2012

Sentimental Recipes

There are those recipes that get handed down from generation to generation, or those recipes that are family secrets or those that when made bring the whole family together.  These are sentimental recipes. Ones that you cherish!   For my wedding my mother gave me a book of family recipes that I refer to often, I cherish the “Pasta villa Francesca” one the most. It always save me in a pinch!   Jessica Hill of Mad in Crafts had an idea to display a few of those special recipes as artwork.   Now the kitchen not only smells of yummy goodness, but looks good too!  

Jessica purchase a three picture frame window.   In the picture windows, Jessica stamped the spoons design from PSA Country Home Peel & Stick stamps in royal blue ink with her PSA Stamper.  It spices up these recipes and creates a little more visual interest.   I love how she created “eat” with the letters out of newsprint and Mod Podge.  It’s the perfect graphic accompaniment to this artwork.    Take a look again - pretty neat, huh? 

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