Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cinderella ate my daughter

Last weekend we were invited to a birthday party for a four year old girl in Molly’s class.   We were greeted by “the real Cinderella,” girls were indulged with make-up by a princess assistant, they learned a royal dance, and they sat down to a feast of pizza and cake at a banquet table.    This was not your average party.   Molly went dressed in her Snow White costume as the invitation requested she wear her favorite Princess gown…

Like so many young girls these days, Molly has become infatuated with Princesses.  I am not sure where it came from but know that it was only intensified by our trip to Disney World this summer, and seems to be getting stronger at school with her friends.   As her mother, I go back and forth between allowing it and cringing whenever she talks about princesses.   For this reason I just ordered two books Amazon.   I am looking forward to reading them as I think it’s very important that young girls live in the real world – not fantasy land – and grow up with a healthy self-image and realistic expectations of love and beauty.   Sending the right message about make-up, dressing up, your body image, Prince Charming, and falling in love is a tricky subject!  I don’t want to mess this one up.

At the same time, kids must be kids.   I do think it is okay to indulge the fantasy from time to time and for that reason, I like this DIY magic princess wand by Krissy at B-Inspired Mama.  I like the idea even better because it is a project you can do with your daughter!  Perhaps while creating the wand it’s a good time to have a discussion about who a real princess is. 

Krissy has used a stamp from UBU Dress Up – a great stamp set for little girls!   Haven’t seen this one? Click here!

She also used the following supplies:
·         wooden star wand
·         Krylon Spray Paint in Sunlight
·         white, purple, and lavendar card stock
·         circle cutter
·         2" scalloped circle cutter
·         Kids' Mod Podge
·         sponge brush
·         colored pencils
·         UBU Dress Up Stamps
·         PSA Essentials Black Ink
·         Sparkle Mod Podge
·         Martha Stewart Glitter
·         satin ribbon
·         Allene's Clear Tacky Glue

Head on over to her blog for a full tutorial on how to recreate this project.    I love how beautiful the stamp is here!   


  1. Oh where can I get a Cinderella for my Grandaughter? That is such a great idea

  2. I am so impressed that you are tempering the "princess" fantasy with realistic goals and expectations. We went through a fairy phase, which was fun, and that developed into a love of nature. (Don't get me started on the pageant moms, lol.)

  3. She is so pretty in her snow white dress.. Adorable!!
    The wand is a wonderful idea. thank you for sharing


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