Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Holiday Gift Idea: A Yo-yo

Today is our third day of DIY gift ideas for the holidays!   When you need a stocking stuffer for the kids, look no further than this idea by Gina Luker at Shabby Creek Cottage.  You will need to find a yo-yo at Toys R Us or Michael's in heir "wooden craft" aisle.   Make it extra special (and enter the "DIY" part of the project) by stamping a Christmas tree from PSA Whimsy Tree Peel & Stick pack.  Use your acrylic block here if our PSA Stamper is too big for the circumference of the yo-yo.   Then color it in with permanent markers like Copics or Touch Twin.  Even colored sharpies would work great here.    You will want to spray it with a good top coat and finishing spray, just so the colors don't bleed into the wood further.

Cute one, isn't it?   And oh, how simple!

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