Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bridal Week, Day 4

What's your favorite candy? I have two favorites. Twix bars and M&M's. I also really like 100 Grand, but now I am getting carried away - I said favorite and I already listed two. Today I'm sharing a few ideas for favors at a wedding or your next birthday, or whenever you feel you need a real WOW.

Have you seen personalized M&M's? They are just about the most superfluous way you can spend your hard earned dollars, but also just about the cutest. Sure to bring a "WOW!" to your guests mouth. Check out this website: You can choose your M&M colors, choose your clip art, add text, and even add a photo! Then you get to choose from a variety of expensive packages, but c'mon!

Melyssa Connolly came up with some really cute ideas for M&M cards! Her assignment last month for PSA Stamp Camp design team was to use PSA Gigi Monograms, our newest Peel & Stick collection. Funny that this is was her take on it – I think she was inspired by the small casual "m" – it does resemble the M's in M&M's. Can you see sending this to a little kid for their birthday, or a whimsical thank-you or hello to an adult?

Who wants a tutorial on how to make? I have one for you today – provided by Melyssa, complete with images!   Thank-you to Melyssa for taking the time to create this tutorial.

Step 1. Punch the following circle sizes from cardstock:
1-3" (colour of M&M), 1-2" (white), 2-1" (white), 1-1" (colour of M&M)
and 2- 0.25" (black)

Step2. Cut the 2" white and 1" colour circle in half.

Step 3. Glue the 0.25" black circles onto the 1" white circles. Do not centre the black, place it close the bottom.

Step 4. Glue the 1" colour circle that you cut in half over the top of the eyes.

Step5. Cut 4-2"x0.25" strips in cream cardstock.

Step 6. Glue the strips onto the feet and hands.

Step 7. Emboss the Monogram M in white onto the M&M belly.

Step 8.
Add a smile,eyebrows and some blush. I used pink chalk for the cheeks.

Will you be making these cute cards?   Or ordering personalized M&M"s?


  1. Oh my goodness That is sooo Cute!!
    I am going to make these Cards and Send them out to someone!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this cute way to make M&M man!!
    I just need to get my PSA Stamps!!

  2. Oh that is just too cute! What a clever idea!

  3. Very creative and super super cute! TFS

  4. OMG that is sooo cute. I may just have to scrap lift this idea. TFS.
    Melissa D

  5. I love this card! It would make a really cute invitation to a candy birthday party, too!

  6. brother LOVES M&M's! That card is so perfect for him! Great Job!

  7. This is soooo cute. My son LOVES M&M's and my last name starts with an M so this would be perfect to make.

  8. Oh I love this card. A new follower of your blog and cant wait to make this. Thanks for the tutorial!

  9. Love it! Did you just draw the gloves and cut them out or is there a pattern to it?

  10. Toooooo cute...thank you for all the deets on it. Can't wait to make one.

  11. Very cute! So did you make the hands?