Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gift Tags

Allow me to rag on my darling local friends. When they give gifts, they don't give cards. They just give a gift, then they say: "Sorry no card." I am not sure when people stopped giving cards, I guess the gift is what people really care about, and the card tends to get thrown out. (Unless you are me who keeps boxes of every card I have ever received). Do you think I could get people to give gifts with tags instead? I love these ideas from our design team member, Kelley Eubanks.

She created tag which at first glance seems relatively simple. Here's a common thread with Kelley's work. Though typically clean and simple, Kelley's work is actually fairly intricate. She's taken the time to die cut the tag using her Spellbinders dies. Then she's changed the ink cartridge on the same PSA Rosetta's stamp three times. Not a big deal, but requires thought and time and isn't rushed. It's also centered perfectly on the tag. The pearls and the bakers twine are excellent finishing touches.

Kelley also created this tag, perfect to adhere to a Mother's Day gift. Again - first glance it seems simple – but look closer. She's colored in the flowers, adhered a pearl, punched, and layered. Love the color choices of pastels.

Tell me your thoughts today on Kelley's work! Do you give cards when you give a gift? Do you make your own tags?


  1. These are so pretty, CAS. I don't know why, but I have such a hard time with tags. Too small? IDK. I think if I liked my tags better, then yes I would add them to my gifts, lol. I should try a tag this week, thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. The tags are very pretty. Simple yet very elegant. I try and make my own cards and tags. Sometimes I just wait too long though.
    cstephenson at q dot com

  3. I nearly always do a handcrafted card, and if not, then it definitely gets a handmade tag! For me, it's the thoughtfulness behind the gift wrap that adds to the loveliness of the gift!

    If only your friends knew how easy it was to make tags with PSA Essentials! wink, wink

  4. Cute tags...and it's always great to have a few ready to go on hand for the "oh no that party was TODAY??" moments in life.