Thursday, October 21, 2010


Colleges across the country are having homecoming and what a fun time it is!    It’s a time to go back to school and be with friends, re-live your college days, and if you’re a University of Michigan graduate – time for football!   My homecoming was spent with my 16-year old cousin Ben, who’s beginning his college search.   We had a blast touring the campus.   We visited several of the libraries, checked out the dorms, viewed a lecture hall, gawked at the raging frat parties, and rooted U of M on in the Big House. 

When we got back, I was inspired to create Michigan paraphernalia and of course, I used my personalized Michigan PSA Essentials Stamp.    I made a HAIL (to the Victor’s) banner which I will proudly display on my mantel on game day.  


For Ben, I made him a frame.   I am hoping he keeps it on his desk when studying – a reminder that he has a lot hard work to do this Junior high school year but the pay off will be worth it.  The picture is of him in front of the Grad Library, my favorite place to study in Ann Arbor.

Lastly, using my personalized Michigan stamp, I created this koozie to have on hand at home.   No Ben – you can’t have this!

Go Blue! & Happy Homecoming to all.

Supply Spotlight:

1)      Banner -  Stamps:  PSA Personalized Michigan Stamp.  Paper: Creatology blue, yellow and patterned.   Tools:  Scissor, 1" circle punch (Martha Stewart).  Other: Ribbon (Michael's.)
2)      Frame -  Stamps:  PSA Personanlized Michigan Stamp.  Paper: Creatology yellow.  Tools: 1" circle punch.  (Martha Stewart).   Other: Frame from Michaels.
3)      Koozie - Stamps:  PSA Personanlized Michigan Stamp.  Paper: Creatology yellow and blue.  Tools: 1" circle punch.  (Martha Stewart), 2" square punch.    Other: Yellow koozie (Creatology).


  1. Go BLUE!!!! Love the crafts and love the Michigan stamp. I saw there were greek stamps, awesome!

  2. GO BLUE!!! Nice job, Libby. Love it all...

  3. Wonderful projects!!! The koozie is my favorite, what a great idea!

  4. Love the Koozie too. . .fun fun! My brother and sister in law live in Ann Arbor. We go up often to visit (and hit up the Ikea in nearby Canton). ;-) They attended U of M and are big U of M fans too!

  5. What fun U of M stuff Libby! love the banner!