Tuesday, October 5, 2010

World Teacher's Day!

Today is World Teacher's Day - a day to honor those who teach our children!  This newer holiday began in 1994 when UNESCO (United Nationals Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – a specialized United Nations agency) chose October 5th to promote awareness of education and thank teachers across the world for their dedicated service.  It's not a made up holiday!

I’d like to thank Ethel Grant, my daughter’s daycare provider and teacher.  Ethel has 10 children of her own, 44 grandchildren, and 17 great-grand children. Impressive numbers, right?  She knows more than just a little about raising children and over the last 10 months, she’s taught me what to do when Molly has diaper rash, what to do when she’s on hunger strike, what to do when she acts up, and generally predicts what’s going to happen next.   Teaching comes in many forms and while Molly’s too young to be in a classroom – she soaks up the world around her right now like a sponge.   Those around her are very influential, so I am happy we have Ethel. 

To celebrate and to honor those who teach our kids, today’s a great day to give a small gift!   Our designer Julia Aston came up with a few great ideas:  a First Aid Kit, a small note pad, and a tin with some magnets!   She used the Superstar PSA Peel & Stick Collection and PSA Hello Kitty School Days to create these simple and clean gifts!

Another great idea is to give a card to your child’s teacher, or if they are old enough, work on this great card with them!    This was designed by Enfys Cashmore – I love the use of the bold red and how the stamps really pop! 

Thanks to Julia and Enfys for these great ideas and ways to celebrate teachers on this World Teachers Day!  To all the teachers out there – thank-you! 


  1. I really enjoyed reading this Libby. Very well done! Honoring all teachers is so very important. You seem to have a wonderful woman in Ethel to help Molly have an enriched start to life.
    I look forward to reading more from you in the future.
    Donna Morgan

  2. Such fun ideas! Especially love the little encouragement notes. :)