Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still not sure exactly what Peel & Stick Stamps are?

Think of it this way:  PSA Personalized Stamps have Switchable Middles.   You can take your personalized stamp, remove the middle, and stick on a new one.  There are over 600 middles to choose from!  How you use one stamp body is up to you and the possibilities seem endless. 

I love my personalized stamp and I use it all the time on any correspondence.  Yes, I know “correspondence” sounds like something your grandmother would say.   But my grandmother was fabulous and she wrote great letters, and I like to follow in her footsteps.   It’s so much fun to change out the middle of my stamp to fit the theme of my letter.   It makes the contents of the envelope that much more exciting and special.

Here's one of my personalized stamps:  

For Molly’s first birthday party, I changed out my “O’Regan” and used the Cupcake from PSA Cupcake.  I colored it up a little to show you what you can do with it here:

For Molly’s Christening invitations, I used the dress from PSA Carriage.   It looked something like this:

I helped a friend stamp her birth announcements for her baby boy, and we used “It’s a boy” from the PSA Carriage Collection.   The idea is shown here:

I can’t wait to get started on Christmas cards – there are so many great new middles.   My two new favorites are “Whimsy Tree” and “North Pole”.   You can see them here at: http://www.psaessentials.com/psaoriginals.htm. It's going to be hard to choose just one this holiday season!

And Switchable Middles are not just for correspondence!  Over the next few months we are going to showcase all the great ways you can use your personalized stamp with fun middle designs.   From greeting cards to entertaining, we have a lot of ideas to share.
So if you didn’t understand the concept of Peel & Stick before, I hope you are beginning to see the idea of switchable middles for a personalized stamp.  The possibilities are endless!
Supply Spotlight:  Stamps: PSA Personalized Stamp, PSA Carriage Collection, PSA Carriage Collection, PSA Carriage Collection.   Paper: White envelopes.   Tools:  PSA Stamper.   Other: Progresso Woodless Colour Pencils.


  1. This is very informative! I was confused myself as to what a peel and stick stamp was. Where can we order the personalized stamps?

  2. You can find a list of stores near you on our website: http://www.psaessentials.com/maryland.htm. There are quite a few stores in Bethesda near you "One Acre Farm!"