Friday, October 1, 2010

National Get Organized Month!

I spent the month of September preparing for blog launch day, so you wouldn’t believe how excited I am that it’s finally here! 

October is National Get Organized Month and I plan to do just that.   It’s time to stop keeping everything in my blackberry.   I’ve found a solution for a simple and fun calendar on my fridge – this way the whole family can see it.    I used a host of Peel & Stick stamps (Mom’s calendar collection) and created magnets for a dry erase board.     October is filling up quickly!   Molly and I are on a mini vacation in my hometown of Winchester, MA (just outside of Boston) this weekend.  (We are missing Mike but he has to work!)  Also planned this month:  lots of Friday “Ladies Who Lunch” with Ashley & Susan,   a date night with Mike planned in Savannah, and my birthday is October 20th!    We have a few meetings scheduled for PSA, and of course there’s the mundane to do’s but I always seem to forget - picking up the dry cleaning, carpool, a hair appointment, and going to the gym.   This calendar is a perfect visual reminder of all these details. 

I am also getting organized over at PSA!  While the Craft Room at PSA Essentials is still a work-in progress, you can see we made some serious headway!   When I came on board, the room was a storage room carved out of the warehouse.  I spent one afternoon painting it, have installed some shelves, and am trying to organize supplies in bins.   There’s still a lot of work to be done here, but check out these before and midway through pictures.   I am looking forward to making this a creative haven.

Up next – I’ll announce our Design Team!   Also, this month I will feature all sorts of ways to use Peel & Stick Stamps for World Teachers Day, Breast Cancer Awareness, Halloween and Girls Night Out.  Looking forward to a great month! 


  1. The calendar is a great idea and it looks very cute on your fridge. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. The calendar is a great idea! Can't wait to read your posts for all of your creative tips and to hear about PSA's comings and goings. Keep up the good (& crafty) work!!

  3. Love the calendar & magnets!! Looking forward to seeing the PSA creative space when you're done with it!!