Sunday, April 1, 2012

New stamp releases!

We recently announced the launch of two new stamp sets - Asian Symbols & Asian Icons, available only at Smithsonian Museum Stores here.

Today we are here to unveil more!   Abandon that preppy pink style and ink on an edge with a PSA Peel & Stick Tattoo.  Go badass when you want to party like a rock star.  Forget cardigans and chardonnay.  Be a thug for the night.  Get a little street cred for once in your prissy life.  Knock back the whiskey with a dragon tat on your neck.  Slug down a jaegerbomb with a pinup girl on your arm.  Add a tramp stamp, girl, and go gangster! Introducing our newest Peel & Stick stamps: Tattoo!

Check it out. Amanda takes crap from no one and her pinup lets you know. 

Dawn designed this collection and you can't tell our inks from her own.

Some may think Kendel's a total girlie girl, but with those tats, she could totally take you.

Yeah, that's me with the dragon on my neck, Thug life on my fists and a "Mom" tat on my arm.  What are you looking at?  You want a piece of this?

I even tatted up my feet! Jealous?

Tell us what you think today. Can you handle the PSA Ink?


  1. I am loving the new tattoo line. Awesome. TFS.
    Melissa D

  2. Wow, best blog yet! My wedding is coming up and these would be a perfect way to accessorize with my white dress instead of those stupid pearls and gold jewelry.

    Peace out, dog.

  3. I love this! This is perfect for a teenager party too!!! OMG. Can you image when the girls would go home and their mom's would freak out aout their tats?

  4. I love them!!!! From a fairy tea party post to a gangsta tattoo post...awesome!!! I think I need these for my next girls weekend.

  5. How fun is this?! Love those facial expressions of you guys. I'm sure this would be a hit too for the little ones!

  6. Wow...what a great idea! This would be great for the kids at Halloween!


  7. Oh my goodness! I am new to your blog and your stamps and I am already in LOVE with them!!! These tattoos are fabulous!!!! I am so going to have to save up and buy some of your stamps so that I can create with them and show them off on my blog!


  8. Wow. . those are hard core! Lol. Love them!! :)