Monday, April 9, 2012

Chalk Board Pantry Labels

Just one of the keys to being a great cook is having a stocked and organized kitchen.   That way you can easily find things in your pantry or fridge, and shop when things are running low.   I am constantly digging through my pantry to find corn starch or pepper, it would be so helpful to have them arranged where I could easily find them.   Angie Holden has a solution for me – anyone else who is suffering from pantry mayhem – by creating labels for all your pantry needs.   Best of all, they LOOK great too. 

Angie stamped with her PSA Essentials personalized stamp that says – “From Angie’s Kitchen.”    She used magnets that fit perfectly in the inside of her stamp which she purchased from Target, and painted them with chalkboard paint.   Now she can erase and change them up when reorganizing.    And since they are magnetic, they also double as fridge magnets.   She punched a hole in the top and threaded with twine to hang from the containers.

She also organized her spice rack using the same idea, but scratched the chalkboard since you are less likely to change up your spices.

Lastly, she applied the idea to her dog treat container. 

This simple and easy project is a great organizing solution for your kitchen, isn’t it?   

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  1. LOVE this idea! I'd love to get one for my kitchen so that I can stamp and let everyone know who made it!