Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aunt & Uncle Day

Some holidays are more well-known than others. We all know Mother's Day and Father's Day and some of us know about Grandparent's Day. Fewer people know that July 25th is Aunt & Uncle Day. (It's okay that we are a few days late!) I'm not sure who makes up these holidays. But be it Hallmark or a rumor on the web, PSA Stamp Camp is taking part with a great card by our designer, Anthonette Chavez.

Though at first glance this card may seem simple, pay attention to how carefully it is made. She has layered the photo on top of paper, then on top of pink patterned paper, then on top of yellow card stock. Each piece is cut carefully and spaced evenly, giving it a very professional look. She's tied twine from The Twinery. She's stamped with PSA Rosettas on separate paper, colored them up, and cut them out. To make the stamps pop off the page, she adhered the Rosettas using 3D foam tape. I love the dimension that this card has – between the twine and the Rosettas – it really has character.

Aunts and uncles play an important role in children's lives… they have the ability to be both friend and parent. I know plenty of kids that will tell their aunt or uncle something before they tell their Mom or Dad. My nephews Jack, Brendan and Kevin look up to their Uncle Mike as a role model and friend. This is one of my favorite pictures taken of them almost 10 years ago. Mike calls it "Redneck Nephews" as he put them in muscle shirts and gave them Budweiser beers to hold. I laugh out loud every time I see it.

Today I'd like to pay tribute and give a message to all of my aunts & uncles! To my Aunt Sue, who works in Hospice and is incredibly strong, Happy Aunt Day! To my Uncle Jeff, the coffee loving, social butterfly, Happy Uncle Day! To my Uncle Scott, who has found happiness with his new bride Meg and family, Happy Uncle Day! To my new Aunt Meg – thank-you. To my Aunt Peggy, Uncle John, Aunt Cathy, Uncle Joe, thanks for all of your love. To Aunt Wendy, I love that you blog, knit and travel. And to my Uncle Rich, I know my dad is watching! Happy Aunt & Uncle Day to all!


  1. Very pretty card! I love the flowers!

  2. Beautiful card, it's so personal with the photo, love the twine added for some great texture.
    haha love the photo!

  3. Great pics!


  4. That Redneck Nephews pic gave me a laugh!!

  5. You're a wonderful neice! And a sister blogger!