Saturday, July 2, 2011

Savannah Birthday Party Recap!

Ashley's 3rd annual 29th birthday party went off a week ago today with a serious bang. We are all married, mostly all mothers, in our late twenties or early thirties, and hold professional jobs. Looking at the photos, you would think we were still in college and a very wild bunch! Maybe it's like a pent-up bull … once you let 'em loose, you'd better WATCH OUT!

So naturally, I had a stamp made. Susan came up with a hilarious and inappropriate saying for it: "She's 31, slap Ashley's bum." What IS it about bringing a stamp around with you? Almost anyone takes one on the back, bicep, forearm, and in our case – one woman even let us stamp her bum. I can't show you that picture but here are a few good ones from the night. Here's Abby with her new tattoo on her back.

Ashley and Susan going in for the kill…

Ashley and Susan showing the bachelorette party table behind us. "See: my friend had this stamp made for me…. you PEEL and STICK." (This girl actually got my business card!)

Girls outside the Bohemian – Ashley strikes up a convo and starts stamping away…

At a terribly cheesy club now… Check out Ashley's bicep.

The funny part was Ashley never let go of the stamper. All night long she cradled it like a baby.

I love you, fireman! And Ashley still has the stamper!

Great night – lots stamps - lots of laughs!


  1. You girls are crazy! lol, looks like fun Love the fireman pic :D

  2. What a fun night! New rule: always bring a PSA stamp with you to a party!