Sunday, July 10, 2011

Maxine Continues!

"I work, therefore I whine." So goes one of the newest stamps in our Peel & Stick Maxine™ collection. Our designer Kelley Eubanks had a great idea… put this one on your desk! Your work colleagues will get a kick out of it when they stop by. Start with an inexpensive tin bucket from Michael's, stamp the sentiment on white paper, punch, fasten to a larger circle to create a border. Then embellish and adhere to the tin. Fill with dum-dum candies or anything sweet and it's a great addition to your office space.

Another office idea… some snazzy magnets! Kelley's used Maxine™ stamps from both Maxine™ "Young at Heart" and "I am Woman." Gotta love these new collections!

And what a fun idea this is…. A picture frame! Makes a great gift, or a fun DIY project for your desk. The rainbow of colors used here is surely going to liven up and space and add some fun. And the sentiments are sure to make anyone laugh!

Do you have any great project ideas for Maxine™? Share them with us!


  1. These would be great for the cards for my work ladies and tags for the little motivation treats we give at work.

  2. very cute... these would be fun for work friends..

  3. I just love your Maxine stamps. Great projects.
    cstephenson at q dot com

  4. LOL Maxine have such great quips at times! The have a nice day someplace else cracks me up!