Thursday, July 21, 2011

Father-In-Law Day

An unexpected holiday coming up on July 29th!  For crafters who like an excuse to create a card and for people who like me (who adore their father-in-law), this one is for us.  And all the great father-in-laws out there!

I liked my father-in-law Frank O'Regan instantly.  We talked about all the travel I had done, the school I went to, where I was from – he had so many questions and he was so engaging. To this day, he'll listen for as long as you want to talk, ask questions, offer insight and give advice.  He's a great storyteller, with comedic timing and a boatload to share.  He's a semi-retired Maritime lawyer and one of the most logical, well-read and intelligent people I know. His hobbies of golf, reading, crossword puzzles and cinema keep him busy.  While the iPod shuffle still sits in the box and the Amazon Kindle has just one book that I downloaded for him on it, he is expanding in the world of email.  I'll send him pictures of Molly and he writes back longer and longer messages each time.  He has a great relationship with his family and I definitely hit the jack pot on father-in-laws!  Here is one of my favorite pictures of him and Molly.

Anthonette Chavez created a few ideas to share with you today to celebrate this holiday.  She has a knack for incorporating PSA Essentials Peel & Stick stamps to blend harmoniously with the design.  The stamps are not an afterthought. See here:

But there it is – the beautiful fleur de lis, stamped in the background behind the sentiment.

On this one, she used one of my favorite color combinations, red, white and black.  She stamped using PSA Rosettas.

Here's a close up.

We've all heard terrible stories of in-laws. Socks for Christmas when your spouse gets a new set of Callaway Clubs, being asked to take the family picture instead of being in the family picture, and the constant feeling that you don't belong… these are not my stories.  And I am thankful for that! Happy Father-In-Law Day, Pop-pop!



  1. Touching story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. A clever use of the stamps to make these manly cards. Great job.

  3. very nice...