Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Potty Training Rewards System

I've heard of some kids being easy to potty train.  Parents just put their kids in underpants one day and the kid just "got it."  I haven't been as lucky with Molly.  She's been 6 weeks without an accident so we are on the right track, but I wish I had thought of something as creative as Jessica Hill did.  Check it out, it's a positive reward system designed to help with potty training.

She designed special "chips" (using her UBU Dress Up stamps by PSA Essentials) and her daughter accumulates chips and can "cash them in" for rewards.  We did the sticker chart.  This is way cooler.  Much more glamorous.  Molly would have eaten it up.  It's genius!

Head on over to Mad In Crafts blog for a full tutorial on how to create these chips and the box, too!

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  1. Cool box. I did the sticker system with both of mine and it worked great. I know they would have loved the glitz of this though.