Thursday, January 17, 2013

Saving for Vacation

Victoria Peak - Hong Hong 2000
Bangkok, Thailand 2000

When I was younger, I used to travel a lot with my family.  I'm fortunate enough to have been to Hong Hong, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the Caribbean, lots of the United States, Mexico,  Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe  Argentina, Chili, Brazil, Italy, France, England, Ireland, and a lot of other places in Europe.  If I could travel around the world on permanent vacation, I would.  There's nothing more amazing than discovering the culture of a foreign land, learning the history, exploring historical landmarks and eating the cuisine (my favorite part!)  I bluntly have to admit that none of these places were done on my own dime.  My parents loved to travel and I as their daughter, was the beneficiary to some truly once in a lifetime type of trips.  I am truly lucky and forever grateful. 

The harsh reality of being an adult is that vacations are expensive. We went to Disney World last August as a family of four for a long weekend and spent a small fortune.  Mike & I went to the Bahamas in August 2011 (just the two of us!)  and stayed at a Sandals All-Inclusive resort but nearly paid an arm for it. 

Now I just appreciate being on vacation more than ever! And I look forward to a trip unlike I used to.  We're saving up for our next family of four trip and I love this idea by Ginger Bowie.   She's taken a mason jar and and made it into a savings jar for vacation.   Insert a $20 here, a $5 there, and start saving!   Perhaps you'll want to save more if it looks cuter, so she dressed it up with her grapefruit pink ink and "vacation" stamp from PSA Mom's Calendar Peel & Stick stamps.  She added some pink polka dot ribbon, too. 

With a cute jar like this, surely you will want to save even faster, right? 

I know I will.  Looking forward to starting this at home.  Now...what where will we go?! 


  1. I have this tutorial schedule to go up on my blog this afternoon...perfect timing. :) Love hearing about your trips! Wow, you've been to some amazing places! :)

  2. How about right outside of DC? You will only have to throw a little bit of money into the jar...we've got room for all four of you :)