Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wine Party

Inspired by a trip I just saw Mae Armstrong take, I recovered one of my favorite projects of hers.  It's a DIY blind wine tasting that you can host for your friends.  Grab four bottles of wine, invite some friends and follow this awesome tutorial.  Guaranteed great time! 

Mae started out by creating wine bags.  She placed different bottles of wine in each bag, coded them with letters, and had guests write honest feedback about each wine on a corresponding card.  This way no one is influenced by fancy labels or gimmicky names of wines.   The tasting will be based on taste alone. 

To recreate, use an old wine tote bag as your pattern like this one here.    Mae used natural canvas and retro fabric for the accent.   Sew the printed fabric on the front side of the canvas and sew the top opening to prevent from fraying. Then turn inside out and sew all sides leaving the opening.

Mae stamped onto pre-cut doily themed circle tags with PSA Essentials Archive Peel and Stick stamps.  She stamped the letters A, B, C, D – the number of letters she needed for the number of wines she was serving for the tasting.    She picked a nice thick yarn for hanging the tags.  

Cute, right? 

For the tasting cards, she used the same doily tags stamped with PSA Archive Peel & Stick stamps and the corresponding letters to match the wine totes.   To recreate, thread the yarn through and knot both ends to secure the tag.  It's easy if you use a crochet hook to pull the yarn through.   Mae also used a bamboo stick to create the holes.  This card measures 4"x9" and you can create it using Microsoft Word or In Design.

As Mae always does, she took her project and party two steps further.  She sewed a matching canvas favor bag stamped with the initials of her guests. You can fill the jars with any edible treats, Mae used olives. She used the same yarn color to tie the top of the tote bags. It all coordinates perfectly!

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