Friday, January 18, 2013

Let It Snow Decoration

I'm in Boston for the weekend with Molly and Connor for our annual winter trip!  We go in January every year to see friends and family from where I grew up, visit the children's museum or science museum (we don't have either here in Bluffton, SC!) and feel the winter weather (it's been 75 this week here.) These Boston temps look chilly.  My adapted South Carolina blood may not be able to handle these freezing temperatures. 

Ginger Bowie created a fun winter decoration for around the house for chilly temperatures this winter!  It's a "Let it Snow" block that you can display anywhere in the house that needs a little dressing up. 

Ginger has stamped Fancy Flakes Peel & Stick stamps on white paper, sealed them with Mod Podge so they hold up, and then adhered them to the block.  We love Fancy Flakes for winter!

What temperature is it where you live? 

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