Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt Prep

The third annual Easter Egg Hunt hosted by The O'Regans & my parents is this weekend so Molly and I have been busy crafting to get ready.  Connor has been watching with curiosity and I suspect he is eager to find out what all this extra "stuff" is around the house.  Here's a sneak today of what we've been working on.  Can't wait to share a photo recap on Monday of the event.

Connor says: "Jeez Mom, what are we going to DO with all of this stuff?"

Molly and I created a egg banner with fishing wire, eggs and adhesive.  Thread the eggs through the fishing wire, secure with a dab of super strong glue. We'll hang this at the egg hunt, for now it's on our mantel.

I worked on displays for my "peeps pops."  Peeps will go on a stick into these flower holders, now covered with easter egg grass.   Be sure to wear gloves for this project!  Spray, spray and then spray more, then pack on the easter egg grass.  Then keep on spraying!  Cut down with scissors when you've built up enough grass....

Using my Martha Stewart paper trimmer and my PSA Essentials Topiary Peel & Stick stamps, I created simple CD covers as favors for the kids. Just trim the cardstock to 4.75" x 4.75" and stamp your favorite designs.  

Molly did some egg coloring and painting.  Connor watched intently... 

This one is my favorite...

We also created a few paint chip banners.  This one has been all over Pinterest, I take no credit for it being an original idea.... Will use this on the drink dispenser.  

I also created mason jar flower vases with ribbon, double sided tape, my "easter egg hunt" personalized stamp (Gillian style) and my punches.  

Once you trim the ribbon to the size of the mason jar, just add the tape.  Secure it, then add the stamped image with maximum strength glue. 

Of course, we also had to stuff the eggs!  All 420 of them. Molly ate more than her fair share... 

We are really looking forward to it this year.  Now we just have to hope for good weather! 

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  1. LOVE!!! So many great ideas for me to use!!! Thanks, girl!!

    And also, you're gorgeous.