Thursday, April 21, 2011

Calligraphy Attempt & A Thank-you

My very good friend Susan asked me to address her wedding invitations. I did her save-the-dates and felt very little pressure. For some reason though, doing her actual invitation to the wedding was a daunting task. I messed up a few times. I had trouble finding the right pen, one pen blew up on me and there was ink everywhere! I mixed up things once or twice, too. Had Susan not proofed them, Roscoe Sandlin would have been wondering who Ronald Sandlin was…

In the end, they did turn out beautiful. Here's a peak at my calligraphy attempt. What a true art form, all you real calligraphers!

There are some letters that are easier than others using a calligraphy pen. I liked the way this one turned out.

I was happy to do something to help Susan out and wasn't expecting payment or anything in return, but Susan gave me the coolest thank-you gift! It's free babysitting, taxi service & a gift card to Corks Wine Bar & Restaurant! This way, Mike and I can have a date night. We have a babysitter, a safe ride and wine and a meal! Wow.

Susan was a member of our design team last term, and created something to present this to me. She stamped the letter stamp from PSA Mr. & Mrs. and adorned it with a pearl. How cute? It is the perfect stamp for this occasion.

If I had to put a retail value on this evening, I'd say it's easily $150. It was incredibly generous and creative of her to thank me in this way. I am so excited for the wedding this May!


  1. Yah!! This is such a great post! You did such an amazing job - thank you! Your wedding duties are complete, now you can enjoy the day.

  2. They look beautiful. I think Susan has good writing too! I wish I could print like that!