Friday, April 8, 2011

Let’s Chat

Before Droid, iPhone and EVO, there was the Zack Morris phone. Urban Dictionary describes a Zack Morris phone as "one of those 8 pound cell phones that resembles a brick". If you watched the Saved by the Bell, you will remember that giant mobile phone. Need a visual? See this fabulous YouTube clip and be sure to enjoy the music at the end….it sure is something special!

Though I have a love of stationery and enjoy making and sending cards and letters, sometimes you just can't beat a phone conversation. I've recently been having a hard time catching up with my BFF from high school. She's a big wig shoe buyer for a major department store in the US. Lately, she's been traveling to China, Italy, London and I can barely catch her over BBM. (That's Blackberry Instant Messager – don't you love it?) I feel like I have to send her an invitation to talk on the phone she's so busy! I am proud of all of her success, and though we are leading different lives right now, I know one day we will be back on the same track.

Jennifer Holmes created this great "Let's Chat" card, and it's fitting to share in this post. I love the newsprint, black and white and the yellow adds a nice contrast and pop of color. The phone is stamped from PSA Essentials Frenchie Peel & Stick pack. I always wondered what I'd use it for in a paper craft – and this is an excellent idea.

Do you remember the Zack Morris phone? What would you use the telephone stamp for in your crafting? Comment today and let us know!


  1. I'd use the stamp for lots of cute keep in touch type of card!
    I remember having a huge cell phone in our car years ago!

  2. HAHA! That clip is so funny. I certainly just had a life lesson in communication. Didn't Save the Bell teach us so much?