Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Molly’s Easter Egg Hunt: Egg Collection Bags

All this week, I'm sharing details of the Easter Egg Hunt I'm planning for my daughter Molly and eight of her 19-month old friends. As the name of the party suggests, the guests are in theory, going to collect eggs. So I created something for them to put their eggs in. Since I am making Easter baskets for them to take home, I decided to decorate paper bags for them to tote around and stash their eggs. These were so easy to make and very festive!

Up first, I played with pastels and series of three's. I used stamps from PSA Little Bunny and PSA Topiary. I stamped the Easter egg over and over again on an egg – turned out great!

I made each bag different – this one is for Alexander.

And here is one for Jess Bader. Jess is the first child of any of my friends down here, so she'll always have a special place in my heart!

Another bag, and this one is for Mia. I found a template online to color in Easter eggs. The markers I used are a bit brighter than I intended… waiting to splurge on my Copics, then I will really be able to get the right shade.

Sure was fun to make! Tomorrow I am sharing an Easter CD I made as favors. Tell me if you are planning an Easter egg hunt!


  1. Don't forget to get the Easter Bunny drop off some nice letters to each one of the kids. It is always a BIG hit. After the hunt, the kids can follow you to the mail box to get their letters.

  2. SO CUTE! they will have such a fun time! I love Easter :)