Thursday, April 14, 2011

Molly’s Easter Egg Hunt: Baskets!

The final piece of the Easter Egg hunt is finished! What Easter would be complete without a basket from the Easter Bunny? I decided to give one to each of Molly's guests as take-home favors. I managed to create these cute baskets on a super budget as I bought all the contents at the Dollar Store or Target in the $1 section. The rabbit ears came from Target, and they are headbands! The baskets themselves came from Michael's at their half-off sale a few weeks ago. Check out how these turned out.

Here are Alexander, Ella and Elliott's. Ella is my goddaughter and I included a bunch of Disney princess for her. She loves Tinker Bell!

Here are four more. These are for Jessi, Genevieve, Owsley (our other goddaughter), and Lauren.

Mia's basket turned out fun, too! She's got some tattoos, Miracle Bubbles (which my friend Jen says are named so because it's a "miracle" you can get one bubble blown from the tiny wand…) and PLAY-DOH! Just love Play-Doh. Molly loves it too, but I have to keep a close watch that she doesn't eat it.

Tell me what you are planning for Easter baskets – are you making any? If you've blogged about it, be sure to leave your link here today so I can check it out!


  1. These are darling! I love making Easter baskets for the kiddies.

  2. I certify that you throw the best Easter Egg Hunt ever!!!

  3. I wish I could Blog about our Easter baskets but, since my daughters still believe in the Easter Bunny I can't. LOL. I LOVE how you got so many things in your Easter baskets for such little money. I hope you have a GREAT Easter!!