Thursday, June 16, 2011

Best Friends Day

Best Friend necklaces caused a lot of problems for me in middle school. Lauren Pallotta had one with Katie Cuff and I was so jealous, I could barely see straight. Katie and I got a "Friends Forever" necklace but it wasn't the same. I went in search for Best Friend necklaces, wondering if they were still wreaking havoc on middle schools and causing girl drama around the nation. Tiffany & Co. should add some sterling silver ones to their collection, the $11.99 pewter one I just ordered as a gift for Ashley's second annual thirtieth birthday will likely turn green and this idea has a lot of potential to come back into style.

June 8th was Best Friends Day (some made up holiday that I am happy to blog about). I'm so sorry I missed it. Our designer Jeanne Streiff created three unique gifts to celebrate this superfluous yet fabulous holiday. She created a treat bag by stamping with PSA Rosettas and Smirk Caffeine Confidents.

She also created colorful gift wrap. She stamped from PSA Rosettas in different color inks! What a pretty package.

She created a candle, fun to give as a gift. She's also used Smirk Caffeine Confidents and PSA Rosettas. I love the layering here!

A salute to my BF4L's (Best Friends for Life), in no particular order:
  • Danielle Lentine
  • Kristin Protas
  • Ashley Gammon
  • Kara Alesi
  • Jenny Smith

I also consider my sister-in-law's Meghan and Betsy my BF4L's, and a shot out to my very good friends, Susie, Britt, Abby, Lisa, Erin, Witmer, and the entire cast of the Hog Squad.

Supply spotlight:
  • Treat bag: Stamps: PSA Essentials ( Smirk Caffeine Confidants). Inks: PSA Essentials (Grapefruit Pink, Espresso Brown). Papers: Discount (Posh Milk Chocolate Felt, Orchid Cascasta Felt, Simply Smooth White). Ribbon: Really Reasonable Ribbons ( Satin w/ grosgrain edge Rose). Dies: Spellbinders (Classic Circles Large, Eyelet Circles). Glue Dot (Glue Dot International). Sponge Dauber. Clear treat bag. ¼" hole punch
  • Gift Wrap: Stamps: PSA Essentials – Rosettas, Smirk Caffeine Confidants. Inks: PSA Essentials - Grapefruit Pink, Black, Lime Green, Turquoise, Poppy Orange. Papers: Discount (Baby Blue Dark, Simply Smooth White). Twine : The Twinery (Pink Sorbet). Ribbon: Really Reasonable Ribbons ( Orange Organza). Punches: EK Success 1" and 1 1/4" circle punches. Foam dimensional squares (Helmar)
  • Candle Gift: Stamps: PSA Essentials ( Rosettas, Dare to Dream). Inks: PSA Essentials (Grapefruit Pink, Black, Poppy Orange, Espresso Brown). Papers: Discount (Baby Pink Medium, Simply Smooth White). Ribbon: Really Reasonable Ribbons (Stitched Edge Reversible Pink Satin). Dies: Spellbinders (Classic Circles Large, Eyelet Circles). Glue Dot (Glue Dot International). Foam dimensional squares (Helmar)


  1. I love BEST FRIENDS!! LOL
    One of my BESTIES had Key Chains and it was two little devils!! As we got older and More mature LOL the horns and pitchforks broke off!!
    love the package Idea with the Kisses, if you don't mind I am going to try that Idea!! do you think a Video would be available for that Creation Soon??

    Loving PSA Stamps!!!


  2. Happy Belated Best Friends Day...bestie!!! Love you!

  3. Totally forgot about BFF necklaces! It was also a struggle to choose who got to wear "Best" and who got to wear "Friends". Such a dilemma.

    I could go for a little hershey kisses package right about now - mid-morning snack!

  4. I would have to say my husband is my best friend. He is always there for me. He is always up for hanging out with me even if it is something he has no interest in. For example, a few months back there was a scrapbooking show that I really wanted to go to. It was down town Portland and I will not drive down there by myself. He went with me so I could go and we spent about 4 hours there without a complaint. Lord knows, he would have liked to be anywhere but there.

  5. Just wanted to say my stamps arrived yesterday from the giveaway I won, and I LOVE LOVE them! Thanks again!