Friday, June 10, 2011

A Hostess Gift

We went to a great dinner party the other night. Last minute, before we ran out the door to get there, I grabbed a bottle of wine from our rack, tied a ribbon, and wrote a thank-you with our personal stationery and called that a hostess gift. They threw a really nice party – the spread of cheese, crackers, shrimp, olives, stuffed mushrooms, lobster salad, selection of wine, beer and liquor was extensive and impressive. And that was just the start of the evening! Burgers, dogs, and all the side fixings followed. With a little advanced planning, crafting & stamping with PSA, I could have made a stronger statement and thank-you for all the hard work and generosity.

Melyssa Connolly on our design team created a unique and fun hostess gift. She used her PSA "M" Monogram stamp set and created a Post-It note holder! It's clever and cute. Since it's personalized, it shows thought and since it's hand crafted, it shows care.

 Be sure to check out our Gigi-Monograms! They are super cute.  If you don't have time to make a post-it note pad like Melyssa, consider the stamper & a monogram pack as a hostess gift!


  1. This is a super idea- and super useful too. I definitely think giving the stamper and monogram pack is a great idea too...I'll have to start hinting to my friends and relatives!

  2. This is a great idea, one problem, I do not have the stamp set for myself yet, so I would have a hard time giving it away. It is on the top of my wish list.
    cstephenson at q dot com