Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cards for Kids – Day 2

Go ahead and make the front page of Alpha Mom™. Be that mom that all the mom's say: "how does she do that?!" With these very inspiring cards for the wee-ones, you are sure to make a giant impression on your kids and let them know how much you love them. Use these card ideas for a special occasion, a milestone or acheivement reached, or no reason at all. I am looking forward to the day when I can make cards like these and send them as surprises in Molly's lunch box!

This "Howdy Partner" card is great for a little boy. The yellow and brown are a perfect summer combination. Jennifer Holmes has stamped the "Sheriff" from PSA Rocket. She's stamped over and over again to illustrate the patterned effect you can get with our stamps. She's taken a lot of care to ensure that they are lined up – but if you have less time, you will find that using your PSA Stamper gets you even and quick impressions and you need not spend too much time lining up your stamper.

Jennifer has also used PSA Rocket stamp set, shades of green, blue and crisp white for this encouraging card. Notice the circular stars in the blue in the background. She's stamped with the outer ring of PSA Rocket.

On the last, Jennifer has taken a piece of yellow card stock and stamped with PSA Rosettas in a darker yellow to create a subtle but interesting pattern in the background.

You will notice that none of the sentiments here are PSA. "Hey there, chickadee", "Howdy Partner", "Have a blast on your big day" are the ones used here today made by other companies. We are in the midst of working on sentiment sets for PSA. What must we include? Please tell us your thoughts and what you think of Jennifer's cards today!


  1. Love the Howdy Partner card! Very cute.

  2. I adore what Jennifer created. I look forward to new sentiments.