Thursday, June 2, 2011

Planning a Redo 30th Birthday Party

June, really? Because I feel like it was just Christmas.

With Susan's bachelorette and wedding over, I feel empty inside. What's the next event with our friends? Conveniently it's Ashley's 31st birthday on June 12th.   She was pregnant last year on her 30th birthday, so my friends and I are planning her 2nd annual 30th birthday party in Savannah, GA. We are going to do an overnight girls trip and I am so excited about it!

We are staying downtown at the Renaissance Marriott. Check out the hotel HERE:  Ashley is into chic places to eat and drink, it's likely that we will hit up the Bohemian on River Street, but I am dying to check out Abe's on Lincoln. It's not chic at all, it's a real local dive bar and is supposed to be jammed packed with all sorts of characters, music playing on the jute box and PPR's for $1.00. I also love The Rail. Who doesn't love a bar where you can throw peanut shells on the floor? That's usually where my husband and I go.

I am sure to make Ashley a birthday card this year. Here are a few ideas provided by our design team member, Mara Campbell. She's stamped the drinks from PSA Life's A Beach. They are stamped perfectly in a row and I love the pink ribbon. The only thing I would have done differently is colored in the umbrella with pink copics.

 Mara created another great card, "Party!" I love the black, white and red, and the stripped paper. She's stamped the cupcakes from PSA Whimsy Cakes, a really great Peel & Stick pack! Here again, I would color in the stamps to make the card even more finished. What do you think? Leave as is, or color in?

She's created some other really great birthday cards that I will share tomorrow!


  1. Fabulous cards! I think I would color too. They are both beautiful, I love the pop of black on the second.

  2. Hey Hey, i just love the papers on these projects...yes i would have colored the images in as the layout.

  3. Love your cards. The colors are wonderful.

  4. I love the cards they made and yes I'd color in where you suggested.

  5. wonderful card. I love Savannah Ga. Used to live there. Apartment over looked foresyth park on the end with the tennis courts. Riverstreet sweets is awesome and love the Marriot there. Great little shops all along river street. Would love to see pictures. Check and see if the boat called the Barbaranegro is still docked there. The owner likes to keep his boat docked on the river by Riverstreet and hangs out in the bars there.