Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gift Bags and Wrap

Yesterday I shared gift tags, today is about wrap and bags!  How much do you pay for a gift bag at your local card & gift shop? $4.95? More? Our design team is reminding us today that you can MAKE your own gift bags – just jazz up a plain old .49 cent one with scraps of paper, ribbon, embellishments and stamps. Making gift bags instantly adds a personal touch. No matter how lackadaisical you've been purchasing the gift. Get into a groove while crafting and create a whole bunch, then just pull out one when you need it.

Here's one by Kelley Eubanks. She took a basic brown paper bag, stamped the butterfly from PSA Cupcake, colored it up, layered it on some circled punched paper, and adhered. She's created visual interest and texture with the rose ribbon. The attention to detail here is fabulous. See the rose & heart within the ribbon. Guaranteed this bag won't be thrown out!

Tami Mayberry shows us how you can really make it personal. She stamped the cupcake from PSA Cupcake and added a "Mom" tag. She's gone the extra step to elevate the tissue paper, too. She's stamped the cupcake using lime and black ink onto white paper. The contrast is great and it looks great sticking out of the bag.

A true gem is seen below. Check out this fantastic gift wrap by Jeanne Streiff. She's used PSA Rosettas with Turquoise & Lime ink, and PSA Cupcake with Grapefruit ink. She's just taken basic, ordinary white craft paper and transformed it into beautiful gift wrap. The ribbon looks beautiful, too!

Have you considered or have you made your own gift bags & wrap?


  1. I found a package with 10 kraft bags just like the one Kelley used at Target. I don't remember exactly how much it was, but not much. And this is so much more fun!

  2. love these!!! beautiful! i actually just used a paper bag and the little PSA ubu karate guy on a package to a boy who was having a taekwondo party- quick, easy and so cute :)

  3. Totally great project ideas. :) I am a huge fan of homemade packaging, it really makes the gift that much MORE special!