Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Friends Across the Globe

On our home computer I recently came across the speech that Mike's best man gave at our wedding. Jack must have printed it just before the ceremony and reception. How fun it was to read it again! The best speeches are those that are heartfelt, make you tear up, are also funny, and the really good ones have crowd participation. Jack's speech had ALL of those elements. It was actually one of the best speeches I've ever heard.

He called on the crowd to represent areas of our life. Saying we are good friends who have cultivated relationships with people all over the world --from Michigan, to Ohio, to Los Angeles, to Texas, to Massachusetts, and to South Carolina, people from those areas cheered when he mentioned them. It was so fun!

We do have a lot of friends spread across the globe. I love this card by Melyssa Connolly called "Wish you were here." There are so many people I would send it to. Jack, his wife Melissa and their new son Jackie to name a few. She's stamped the airplane from PSA Rocket.

Here's to all those people that I am missing in Boston, New York, Chicago, DC and all my friends across the globe. Anyone you are missing, create a card like this and send it to them in the mail. Remember my motto (which I am still trying to make happen), USPS FOREVER!


  1. Wonderful story...fantastic card. There is nothing as special as a hand written card. I treasure each one. I think you need a catchy slogan for your USPS FOREVER campaign though! :o)

  2. A lovely post, but what I'm really impressed with is the number of google followers you have now!!!