Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beach Wedding

I wanted an elegant beach wedding.  When working with my wedding planner and my mom (because, let's be real: Mike had virtually no say in the event!) those were my buzz words.  It was held at the Westin in Hilton Head in the oceanside pavilion which was transformed beautifully with gold chavari chairs, tea lights, white twinkly lights, beautiful greens and flowers.  The colors I chose for my wedding were navy, gold and peach.

I wore a Vera Wang gown and my bridesmaids wore J. Crew bridesmaids dresses in navy.

The guys wore khaki pants from The Gap and peach ties from Brooks Brothers.

Every detail turned out exactly how I envisioned it.  This gorgeous photography is by Mark Staff.  He's a world class photographer and I am completely obsessed with his work!

Jackie Lacey was our event planner.  Killer wedding planner!  This guy has more credentials after his name than a doctor does.  (I just looked up his profile on Linkedin)

The invitation was from Fine Stationery.com and by William Arthur.  I chose to have this engraved as opposed to letter pressed or thermo printed.   My mom and I laugh about this as an expense we could have cut but being a printmaking major in college, I treasure the plates I have of the invitation.   The invitation  coordinated perfectly with my save the date.

I recently recreated some envelopes for my wedding invitation to show how great our PSA Essentials personalized stamps and Peel & Stick designs are for weddings.  Switch out your middle for a wedding cake, or two champagne glasses toasting, or wedding bells.  I used the switchable middle pack "Mr & Mrs." here.

We have several bridal themed Peel & Stick packs to choose from.   Switching out your middles on your personalized stamp is easy (video here again if you don't know!) and makes return addressing super easy and efficient.   You can really add a bit of flair to your envelopes too - making them even more special.

Our wedding was exactly the elegant beach wedding I was looking for and a day to be remembered forever!

Hope you are enjoying the blog series on switchable middles!  There really is one for every occasion, isn't there?

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