Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Switchable Middles Basics

Sometimes you have to go back to basics.  Like before you master Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon, start by learning how to make a steak on the grill.  For a few days that's what I am focusing on here at PSA Stamp Camp. Our basic, most fundamental uses of our stamps is a self-inking address stamp.  Before you go all-Martha Stewart and DIY-crafty with our Peel & Stick stamps, check out the every day use of our stamps. Don't worry -- if you already know all about switchable middles and our custom stamps, you won't be bored with these next few posts.  I have beautiful party ideas and stationery to share, too!  Come check out all the occasions you can use our stamps and switchable middles for in 2013! 

Perhaps you know that we have all of these styles of stamps.  Most people start here before they get to the switchable middle part. 

Once you have our personalized stamps, you can switch out middles easily with our Peel & Stick technology.  We have HUNDREDS of middles, there's literally one for every occasion. 

Let's say for example you'd like to send a thank you note.  I need to send one to my grandfather who recently sent my son, Connor a silver cup from Tiffany's engraved with his birth date.  It's an incredible keepsake that I am thankful for and need to send a note ASAP!   From my Peel & Stick pack "Just a note" I can select the "thank you" sentiment and add it to my personalized Wallace stamp.  

 To do this, I simply PEEL the middle off with my hands, and STICK on the new stamp.   Watch the video if you'd like to see this in action.  

See what my envelope looks like before and after.  The first photo is my personalized Wallace style stamp.  In the second photo, I've switched out my middle for the thank you sentiment. 

Why switch out your middle?  Because a stamp that stays the same is boring!  Handwritten letters and mail that aren't junk and bills are a rarity these days.  Going the extra mile to spruce up your envelopes makes sending and receiving mail just a little more interesting and a little more fun!  It's so easy to switch up your middles and they are so cute, why not do it for every occasion? 

As a print making major and lover of all stationery, I am constantly shopping new cards and invites.  Here's a look at my top 5 thank you cards out there these days. 

Bees Kness - Sycamore Street Press (Letter press stationery is the best!) 

 Thanks - Shutterfly  (Can't go wrong with photos...) 

Over the next few days, I am going to show you more options and occasions for switching out your middles. You'll see how fun it really can be!  From weddings to babies to parties and holidays, there really is a middle for every occasion.  

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