Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lots of Hearts - Kids Craft

Every holiday is an opportunity for my 3 year old daughter Molly and I to do some crafting.  Valentine's Day is a really fun one to do!  With all the pink, red, and white, hearts, doilies, lips, ribbon, sweet and frilly things, my "girlie-girl" daughter is in heaven.   We created a lot of hearts garland to decorate the house this weekend!

First we started off with pre-cut hearts in pink, red and white found at Michael's.  Then, we stamped using our PSA Love Birds Peel & Stick pack, the "xoxo" letter stamp and black ink loaded in our stamper.  We also stamped the lips in holiday red ink from PSA Frenchie.   

Up next, we did some painting.  Turned out to be finger painting.

After we cleaned our hands, Molly got to work with some heart stickers and rhinestones. 

When everything was dry, I threaded the hearts using my twine from The Twinery into 5 different length strings to hang vertically on the windows. 

Molly is starting to become a real artist, too.  Check out her "person" on one of the hearts. 

This project was easy and fun to do with my 3-year old! Doesn't look too shabby hanging - in a "my kid did it sort of way" - does it? 

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