Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY Art Kit

Mae Armstrong is one crafty momma with great ideas to keep her little ones entertained and her own creative brain busy.   She made a kids art kit for her twin boys, perfect to keep them busy at a restaurant, on a plane when traveling, or just around the house.    She chose a bold black and white elephant fabric and a fun red and white polka dot fabric to hold everything inside.   When it was done she filled it with a composition notebook, crayons, and their sign language flash cards.  

To make each one personalized and their own, she used a light canvas fabric to stamp their names.  She stamped “Will” and “Ryan” using PSA Essentials Peel and Stick Vanilla Peel & Stick stamps.  It was the perfect style for this project.

She used a composition notebook as her guide in creating the art kit organizer.  She used the main fabric and sewed it inside out and turned it over.  Then ironed out the main fabric and sewed folded ends neatly.

After she folded the base fabric in three sections, she pinned the size that required sewing.

She prepared the accent fabric for the outer inside pocket.  Using the pins as her guide, she marked down the spaces for the crayon holder and left some space for a pocket. She sewed it down and removed the pins as she went along. 

She used a black Velcro to match the project and pinned it down for easy sewing. 

After sewing the entire organizer, she cut the stamped canvas down to the size of a business card and pinned the fabric on the main front flap.   She sewed it and trimmed extra thread.

Here’s how it turned out inside:  

And here’s how it turned out on the outside:

I think it's a hit…  Will & Ryan (seen here) seem to be loving it!  What a great idea, Mae – thanks for sharing it with us.

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