Thursday, February 14, 2013

Birth announcements boy

Sending birth announcements is a time honored tradition of shouting to the world: he's here!  When you make this announcement, you want to do it in style - it's your kids' big debut!  My biggest challenge for my son Connor's was finding the right photo.  There were so many good ones!

I labored over countless designs on Tiny Prints Birth Announcements.  I'm a stationery lover, so shopping and pinning wasn't hard. The hard part was choosing which one.  I liked these:

boy birth announcement


But ultimately went with this one from Tiny Prints Birth Announcements.

Boy birth announcement

To address them, I used the "it's a boy" stamp from PSA Carriage Peel & Stick stamp and turquoise and lime ink.  I just used the Peel & Stick technology to switch out the center of my Wallace stamp, and swapped up my ink cartridge.   This really makes sending your birth announcements extra special!

The Peel & Stick pack carriage along with a personalized stamp makes a great gift for parents too.  Sending out birth announcements is a lot easier when you have a self-inking address stamp and don't have to write your return address dozens of times. 

Since we have hundreds of designs and every design can be used on your personalized stamp, there really is a stamp for every occasion! Want to see more occasions and recent posts? Scroll down, I am on a roll! 

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  1. I want to have another baby just for that stamp!!! And the stationary. But not for all the work. Dilemma... :)