Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sexytime crafts

Have you seen the movie or any of the HBO series of Borat? It's incredibly offensive and only mildly funny. However, one word resonated with me and when I saw Susan's crafts this month, all I could say was: "Sexytime!"

Susan first created these adorable hearts. She's stamped from PSA Bouquet Toss and PSA Love Birds on white paper, cut them into a heart, and glued them onto fun and sparkly cardstock. Very quick and easy to make! You could sprinkle them on the family dinner table, your table for a romantic dinner, or alternatively as
she has shown it here, sprinkle them on the floor leading to the bedroom…. As Borat would say: Sexytime!

Up next she created a door hanger. She stamped the letters "B", "U", "S", "Y" from PSA Vanilla Peel & Stick stamps and glued them to a red painted wooden heart. She stamped the love birds again and created this better-than-tying-your-sock-on-the-door-craft. Sexytime!

She also did another bold & out of the box thing this month. She used her Peel & Stick stamps in edible frosting. Warning – this really isn't a recommended use for our product, and as you can see from the pictures the impressions and detail of the stamp doesn't show up perfectly. (That's the advantage of our award-winning ink & self-inking stamper!) But I love how Susan always give us innovative ideas for crafts, and rarely does anything traditional and ordinary.   (Remember her Halloween & Thanksgiving trees?!) Eat these with your Valentine and enjoy.  Sexytime!

I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is our 1st annual LOVE blog hop - I hope you will participate.  We have 7 manufacturers and suppliers of great products, and you have the chance to win up to $500 in prizes of paper, stamps, ribbon, embellishments, adhesives, and many more.   It's an impressive list of companies that are participating and I think you will enjoy the beautiful projects we have to share.   Check back tomorrow for the hop!


  1. Very nice ideas. Love the heart path.

  2. i'm always blown away by the creativity in each inspiration project, thanks for all the lovelys :)
    keep them coming <3