Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just a hello

I was born in Denver, CO, raised in Winchester, MA, went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and now I live in Bluffton, SC. That's 4 states that I have held addresses in! In each of the states, I have left people "behind" and although modern technology like email and Facebook keeps me in touch with them, sometimes I can't help but think what if we didn't have these things? That's when I go back to my (newly created) motto: "USPS forever." It's so much fun to make and send cards to people through the US Mail who aren't nearby!

Our design team agrees and has come up with some great ideas for just a hello. This blue and white card by Carly Robertson is one of my favorites – mainly because of her use of die cutting. It's so clean and professional. The polka dot ribbon placed in an "x" brings your eye to the center, so the "hello" and butterfly are prominent. They are also prominent because she's chosen pink for them, so they really pop.

This "Call Me" card is a new favorite of mine, done by Jeanne Streiff. She has stamped the telephone from PSA Cupcake, and it opens up to say "Call Me". The red, white, yellow and black is an excellent color combination – and you'd have to see it in person to know how beautifully it's crafted. e

Another fun card by Carly Robertson to show you. These colors are so vibrant and playful. She's stamped the flowers from PSA Cupcake, as well.

Do you make and send cards – just to say hello? We'd like to hear about them. Include your blog address in the comments today, link and show us some hello cards!

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  1. I like your cards! They look clean and simple but has a clear message; at least the "call me" card!! Fun detail with the little card in the card that's openable..