Thursday, February 24, 2011

A children’s book

Jen Witmer who's on our design team has a 15 month old son, Elliott.  He's one of my favorite of Molly's little friends – he's so happy, easy going, and good natured. I took care of him for a few hours several times – and I really am a big fan.   Here are Elliott and Molly on one of our weekly playdates. 

Since Jen and her husband Brian don't live close to all of their family, Jen created a book of Elliott's family, specifically for him.   He flips through it looking at the pictures, and learning about his family.   The amount of work that went into this project is truly incredible.  She asked her family members to send in pictures, write a blurb about themselves,  then she digi-scrapped and stamped the heck out of it using DOZENS of PSA Stamps.  Impressive, impressive work Jen Witmer.    And I am not just raving about it because we are friends!

(The title of it puzzles me though, because there's nothing ugly about their family. But that is Jen's humor, for sure.)

Amazing, right?   Here's a close up... Grand Dad likes baseball, golf and gardening! And look at this - there's a stamp for everything!

Here's a close up of the stamps on Paige's page.  How cute?

I like Aunt Lynne's page... I think I'd like to be friends with her! 

Cute page on Drew!   Love the Snoopy stamp, it's from Peanuts Snow Day. 

This book is a true labor of love - thanks Jen for sharing with us!  Tell us what you think of this work today.


  1. I think this is awesome! What a cute way to keep family close and real. Lots of different applications too. Friends, ancestors, pets. etc.

  2. Wow! Aunt Lynne does look pretty fun!! It is an amazing book for sure. I have seen it in person and you made it look wonderful in pictures!

    These stamps are awesome - we just got some as gifts!!

    Auntie Lynne

  3. This is fantastic!!! I love the mini and how she used sooo many different stamps. Definitely a labor of love!

  4. Love this mini. . .what great use of all of the fun stamps!

  5. What a great idea! Such a cute album!