Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Warning: Not intended product usage (but it sure is fun)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently got back from NYC.   I was in the city for less than 48 hours & it was bananas! The goal was to celebrate my best friend Jenny's 30th birthday. Our friends from Winchester, MA came down, we had dinner Friday night and then threw a party at the Reunion Surf Bar in Hell's Kitchen. http://www.reunionbar.com/.  The food was fantastic (still dreaming of the sliders) and the drinks were clever and yummy. I had several "hang ten's" which is a combo of pineapple, amaretto and various other liquors. The first word of the drink + the word "over" is exactly what you get the next day, but moving on…

Friday night we went to dinner at an Italian pizzeria called Capizzi. http://www.capizzinyc.com/.  We went around the table and gave speeches about why we love Jenny, brought out a cake, and gave her some presents.

One of my presents to Jenny was a custom PSA Essentials stamp that read- "Jenny Smith's 30th Birthday Party". This is the "brooke" design. (See all custom here: www.psaessentials.com/custom.htm)

What happened later in the evening isn't really a recommended use for our stamps, but I will say it was a lot of fun. Here are Katie, me and Jenny all "wearing" the stamp.

I thought it would be funny to order a 6' custom cardboard cutout of Jenny for the party, too. It turned out great!   Everyone took turns throughout the night posing with Jenny.

Of course, the 30th Birthday stamp came to the party on Saturday night, too. I'd say half of New York City was running around with the stamp on their hand. (Okay, that's an overstatement, but half of the Reunion Surf Bar, for sure.) It was a silly thing to do but certainly a lot of fun.

More practical, you can make cards or invitations with such a stamp. Had I more time, I would have used the stamp more appropriately by creating a banner to hang at the bar, or creating some notecards for her to write thank-you notes on. Since it's a peel & stick stamp, she can use the stamp body and change out the designs to different Peel & Stick packs. Bonus for me, I can get her more packs for holidays coming up!


  1. WOW looks like you ladies had a heck of a time! What a fun stamp to use for the party! Love it.TFS

  2. Looks like you all had a great time, and I could see my GF's and I doing the same thing lol. This is what memories are made of. :)
    Melissa D

  3. What a great time! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Great idea with the stamp too!

  4. wow. that was very happy to enjoy to share our happieness .. really nice