Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some crafty things…

We tend to show a lot of cards on this blog, so it's always very refreshing to blog (and I am sure for you to read) about something completely different. One of our new design team members Jeanne Streiff created unique crafts to share with you today!

First up – something for dog lovers! I know so many of them. There's my friend Britt Bader who has two big Bernise Mountain Dogs, Kombi & Barney. Britt's my go-to girl (aka person I call when the vet is closed) when my dogs have eaten garbage, or my underwear, or when I want to talk about Georgia's health (my 8 year old chocolate lab has only 3 legs, she lost one to cancer). There's also Dayle Thomas who just got a puppy named Howard. Love the name! I would love to welcome a friend's new puppy, or give them a pooch this cute gift for a holiday.

Up next is a candle which would make an excellent hostess gift or thank-you gift. Better yet, it's incredibly simple to create. She has stamped the lips from PSA Frenchie using grapefruit ink. It looks great, too!

Lastly, we have a tin of magnets – she's stamped from PSA Rosettas. Perhaps a fun gift for a teacher, or a friend who's super organized? Cute use of this stamp set.

Let us know what you are up to with unique and creative crafts today!

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  1. Love the poodle and dog treats! We always give gifts to our friends pets for the holidays and this would be a fun way!! We just need a pet stamp pack now! (I'm a cat girl!)